Rather than serve as a Band-Aid for North Texas’ homeless population, The Bridge prides itself on providing our guests with the proper care to succeed once they’ve left our campus.

The most important component of what we do here is recovery—keeping people off the streets for good. And for the majority of guests that walk into our facility every day, recovery isn’t possible without addressing their behavioral health needs, such as mental illness and chemical dependency.

Throughout the pages of the winter edition of our magazine, you can learn more about the roles of our Care Managers and collaborative network with LifeNet and ValueOptions in addressing those problems.

The network began in March 2012, and I’m excited to report that the results have been fantastic thus far. Integrating behavioral healthcare with other stabilizing services has reduced vulnerabilities for the high costs of serious behavioral health problems. And expanding the scope and schedule of our services has resulted in more participation and better functionality for guests—both critical components to homeless recovery.

Much like our similar collaboration with the Dallas Housing Authority, The Bridge’s relationships with LifeNet and ValueOptions have proved to be an efficient and effective model, and most important, they produce great outcomes for the community at-large.


Jay Dunn
President & CEO